Twitter is HOT….but Twitter @Support is NOT….

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Here’s what happens when your Twitter account gets hacked and your user name becomes something different? When I filed a complaint with Twitter last monthreporting my @gmcquade Twitter account was hacked on April 3, 2014, it took weeks not 48 hours as promised to get a response and after several back-and-forth emails from Twitter @Support, I thought it was an April fool’s joke. It was too close to April 1.


“Congratulations on getting your account back!” said. I got my followers back, but my username had been changed to @gmcquadee with an extra “e” at the end. My original @gmcquade was still being used by a hacker twitting in Russian. The hacker, who apparently requested a new password from Twitter, and tacked on an additional “e” (@gmcquadee), so I didn’t notice @gmcquadee until my wife asked me, “why are you tweeting ads for P______ enlargements?” I immediately tried to sign in with my original username of @gmcquade, which I created in 2008, but got the error message, “Your username or password is invalid.” Then I knew something was awry.

Notice the user name has an extra “e” on the end while the original is above it.

I did a Google search with my @gmcquade original account username and sure enough there it was in Russian #1 on Googlewith a twenty-something headshot of a blond kid tweeting in Russian with my username @gmcquade.

The only English I could recognize was my first initial and last name, @gmcquade. I started looking at some of the other gmcquade accounts I have online like, and discovered the hacker’s image and my username. When I contacted Webstagram, I was told only me, the account user could sign in and remove the image and upload my own profile, which I did flawlessly.

Even shows how long I’ve had this @gmcquade account. Sites like ( and

On the second or third Twitter @Support response, the techies told me they checked and the “username and account was legit.” I said, “really?” Twitter’s @Support obviously did not do their research Online, because they would have discovered all my Original usernameTweets prior to April 3rd when it was hacked. I even took pictures and sent them to Twitter to show proof that my user name was changed to @gmcquadee (see above illustrations) and @gmcquade was being used by a Russian after April 3.

Pictured here is the real @gmcquade – everything else is fake.

Since I have been blogging and writing for Technorati,Examiner, CNN andYahoo for the last decade in my spare time, I have proof and when you do a Google search, it will display my original gmcquade user name. Even my profile on Google+, which has almost 4 million+ views, has the user name of gmcquade and links to my original @gmcquade username accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other Social networks. Just do a Google search and you will see the history. George McQuade III Blogs surfaced, too.

When I learned that after several attempts to getting @Support at Twitter’s attention to no avail, I stopped tweeting and started sending direct messages to @gmcquade (my original username) with a note to the hacker, “I have filed a complaint about my hacked account with Twitter.”

Then a week later the hacked account and username all of a sudden grew from 10 tweets and 10 followers to 10.1K followers at my hacked site of I mentioned it to @Support at Twitter, but it also fell on deaf ears that the followers were likely purchased. I even tried the Twitter forumns Online.

So then I figured I’d go to the top and sent four direct Twitter messages to the CEO, Dick Costolo (dickc) on Twitter, who was busy giving an “exclusive interview” to Matt Lauer on the NBC Today Show revealing, “who he wishes was on Twitter.” I even wished him “good luck on his Friday interview” in one of the tweets. I got no response from Dick at all or @Support.

We are now going on 61 days (two months) and counting while my username @gmcquade continues to have tweets in Russian by an impersonator of gmcquade or George McQuade III.

Here’s what the Hacker’s profile said as of today, June 3, 2014, “Антон Богданов@gmcquade Занимаюсь спортом, веду здоровый образ жизни. Интересуюсь всем, что интересно. #Взаимный #фолловинг,#Followback.”

Again my @gmcquade username stands out along with “Followback” in the profile, which are the only two English words posted. The profile translates into: Anton Bogdanov @ gmcquade play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. Interested in everything that is interesting. # Mutual following, # Followback.

There are scores of Anton Boddanov on, but only one AHTOH Anton Bogdanov ( and it has an empty profile, except “United States.”Also, on RebelMouse @gmcquade with the Hacker’s photo like above shows up in the lower left hand column of my content site at


I have decided to take other options just shy of filing legal action and copyright infringement, because gmcquade (my first initial and last name) doesn’t even come close to the alleged hacker. Stay tuned as I have not given up.

Lesson learned: Remember, change your passwords frequently, especially on all handheld devices, where Wi-Fi signals get hacked or copied, which may include hackers monitoring the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter like everyone else and you will learn it is very popular for marketing. However, if you go Online you will see other users who have had their accounts hacked into and it took a long time to get them fixed. Some people are still waiting like me. So maybe it will take 120 days? I would love to hear other comments from Twitter users who became victims of hackers and how Twitter resolved your issues. By the way if you want to share a secret solution sent it to:


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