O’Dwyer’s West Coast correspondent since 2000 goes “back to the future” in Los Angeles

By Greg Hazley,http://www. Odwyerpr.com, NY.

George McQuade at LAHSA Meeting
Award-winning newsman and Communicator George McQuade is hired as Communications director, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHDSA). Above he addresses an all staff meeting about his plans.


West Coast contributing editor, George S. McQuade III, G.M. and V.P., MAYO Communications, a full service public relations firm, Los Angeles, has hired been by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) as Communications Director.

McQuade, who started Oct. 7th will be in charge of all external communications and internal communications for LAHSA. The dept. manages all media inquiries, press releases, media events, public relations, the website, social media, tracking LAHSA and homelessness in the news.  LAHSA, which is coming up on its 20th Anniversary of serving LA and LA County (Dec. 17th), has the largest homeless population in the country, the biggest network of homeless services and is a clearing house for grants and funding to end homelessness. It’s funded by HUD, City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

This year LAHSA found, in its Biennial Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, a 15 percent increase since 2011 in the number of homeless man, women and children in LA County. The recent report updated this month reveals 57,737 homeless people in 2013 in LA County, compared to 50,214 in 2011. At the same time, the new results show a marked decrease in homeless veterans and homeless families, 23 percent and 27.6 percent respectively. For more about the government agency, visit http://www.lahsa.org. For more about McQuade visit: http://goo.gl/41JnFM.

“The job is a perfect match and it’s like going back to the future,” said McQuade, who was director of Public Relations, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA), 1995-2000. “The only major change in this industry has been the technology. The media, including bloggers and news websites all have the same goal, to find a compelling story they can call their own. “

“What surprised me is the fact that it costs taxpayers $605 a month for residents in supportive housing compared to similar homeless people at $2,897 – five-times greater than their counterparts that are housed,” he explained.  “It shows the stabilizing effect of housing.”
For more about the veteran newsman and multimedia expert visit:  http://goo.gl/wWc7NQ.