George McQuade talks about dangers of doing social media without planning it first – large and small companies

Startups and large companies trying to cut costs
attempting to do their own social media are
doomed for failure. That’s George McQuade
emphasized today on CNN Headline News.”

“I hear this all the time, ‘I have almost a 1,000
followers on my Twitter, Facebook and other
social sites, but the phone is not ringing off the
hook, and I can’t figure out why.'”

“90 percent of the time, it is because no thought
goes into their sites, or purpose as to what they are
doing,” McQuade Noted.

To uncover the secrets of social media we tell all of our clients
to engage members, or plan first, observe for a week or
two and see what people are talking about on a forum, what interests them and respond,  McQuade said.

If you just want to brand your company and can
not afford to hire a social media expert, the old
fashion way works, too. This is a live interview
three years ago with George McQuade on
“Creating a Buzz for
your Business.”

“If you are a rock star, you should be tweeting from your concerts, rehearsals, sound checks, etc, or at least post images of what you are doing on the scene,” said McQuade, that’s what people want
to hear and see.”

Twitter is 90 percent self promotion, nine percent interesting and one percent brilliant, you’ve got to figure out something brilliant.
Maybe your counseling, your photos or resources “how to” or posting of jobs on a group of your industry. Articles of the day of
general interest.

McQuade moderates social media workshops and is the past president, current board member of Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) in Hollywood, NY chapters.
For free Social Media assement, or public relations visit
MAYO Communications or call 818-340-5300.

If you are  Suffering from social media fatigue – tech news,
breaking news, business news, entertainment news,
gossip news or mobile and social news call us,
we can help you.

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