TV Talk and Magazine Producers say they welcome Conan O’Brien

(L-R) Nando Velasquez G4-TV, talent Exec.
and Siobhan Schanda, “Chelsea Lately”
at EPPS workshop on late night talk shows.

The Late Night Talk Show Landscape on Cable is a Welcome addition say TV Talk and Magazine Bookers at media workshop

By George S. Mc Quade III
West Coast Bureau Chief

“The landscape of television is changing so much, especially with Conan O’Brien now going to Turner Broadcasting System (TBS),” said Siobhan Schanda, talent producer, “Chelsea Lately,” at a recent Entertainment Publicists Professional media workshop on TV talk and magazine shows at the International Cinematographer (ICG) Union Local 600 in Hollywood (4-15-10).

“You know now that we are playing with the big boys, they’re paying attention to us and we’re part of that mix now, said Schanda. “It is interesting so see how the late night shows landscape is changing. Our demographics are young female and young people across the board (18+).  We have the audience that goes to films the first week of release. We have the audience that buys music and books. You might think its great being on another late night network show, but late night is changing and the habits are changing,” She said.

Chelsea Lately is an American late night comedy talk show hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler on E! The show debuted on July 16, 2007, and is produced by Handler’s production company, Borderline Amazing Productions. It is taped in Los Angeles, California, and it has been extended through 2012. In American markets the show airs at 11:00 p.m. but is recorded at 3:30 p.m. the same day. Handler was previously the host of The Chelsea Handler Show, a short-lived sketch comedy show that also aired on E!

Publicists getting on the show get a wide ranch of exposure, “as our show airs at 11:00 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. and in a two to three week cycle there are additional airings,” said Schanda.

“I’m thrilled that Conan is on Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), because it really legitimizes what we do for our shows, said Velasquez, G4TV, talent executive.  To have a big name like that coming to cable, we welcome a big name like that on TBS.,” “It puts a spotlight on all of us. “

“G4-TV is a little bit more new than E! Entertainment E! has a larger reach, but we are growing very fast,” said Velasquez. “G4 was created in 2002 and merged with Tech TV in 2004, a show about computers, and ‘Attack of the Show’ came from them. It was originally called,” Screen Savers”, a show about how to fix your computer or the latest technology.”

“We do movie reviews and even though we don’t do too much on “Twilight,” because it seems more female, it is a movie that is all over and one you have to recognize. Although, many of our viewers said they were not big fans ofTwilight, they admit it was one of the biggest movies that they recognized.”

“We have a cold open, and we also do some bits on movies, too”, said Siobhan Schanda. Chelsea and our team of writers on ‘Roundtable’ have become well known for the bits they do as well. Their parodies of different things”

Nando Velasquez, G4TV
talent executive.

“G-4-TV’s core audience is male, most Internet users and people who are seeking information and use the latest technology,” said Velasquez. “They actually tune into our show, because we try to stay as hip and as current as possible.  They use our show to find out new things.

“There are also people who watch movies within the first two weeks of release.  They are the ones who watched our special on the iPad last week, because we cover that technology,” he said. “Sometimes we run exclusive trailers on movies coming out, and I have to make sure they’re not on the web a week or two beforehand, because our fans are smart enough to know where to look for trailers on the web.  We usually play our trailers about he same time as the web.”

How to pitch clients

“I love getting email pitches, and something in writing so I have time to look at it,” said Schanda. “A follow up phone is great, because we all know how many emails we get. It’s not a matter of not responding or not wanting to, but we just get caught up in taping the show, so by the end of the day we may not get to all the emails. I love to hear people’s voices. If we are not interested in your pitch, we will get back to you and let you know as I don’t want to waste your time, or string you along.”

Schanda added, “send video links and as much information as possible. It just helps us in pitching your client or project.”

Chelsea Lately works several weeks in advance and has only one interview spot per show. “So I encourage people to reach out as soon as possible,” she said. “It’s never too soon to get something on our radar.” To reach Siobhan Schanda

“I would say the same thing that email is the best way to pitch us,” said Velasquez of G4TV. “I try to get back to everyone, and if we don’t, it is because I am getting so many emails or we might be waiting for someone down the line, who is a perfect fit for our demo (demographics).  If you know our demo, it always helps with the pitch. I try to get the best angle possible to make it work. I have no problem explaining why we can’t use your pitch if publicists don’t take it too badly. I only have four slots to fill and I like to book a couple of weeks in advance.” To reach Nando velasquez email:

For Entertainment Publicity visit: or email:


Dancing with Stars Kate Gosselin “Good Mom, most sexy dancer” say Nuttin’ But Stringz to TMZ

Tourie Escobar, Kate Gosselin (DWTS), George Mc Quade, MAYO PR, Damien Escobar (Nuttin But Stringz) and Tony Dovolani, Gosselin's DWTS partner. Nuttin' But Stringz made Television history as the first instrumental live act on Dancing with the Stars.

Los Angeles, CA – Just got off the phone with the manager of Nuttin’ But Stringz, who is stranded along with thousands of airline passengers in Europe due to the Iceland Volcano eruption. Not since 9-11 or Mount Saint Helens (May 18, 1980, Washington State) have so many planes been grounded. TMZ got an exclusive interview this week with Tourie and Damien Escobar, brothers who make up the internationally renown Nutt’ But Stringz, who performed live at Dancing with the  Stars on ABC. Taking a break from the show TMZ caught the urban rock violinists just outside the DWTS studios.

When asked who they thought was the best dancer? Both replied in harmony, “Kate Gosselin. She’s a good woman, a good Mom and the most sexy,”  Tourie and Damien answered.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin (shaking his head), back in the newsroom, was blown away when he heard Tourie Escobar ttell the TMZ news cameraman that He’s
” in love with Kate Gosselin, and would love to date her.”

When they asked who’s the sexiest Dancer on DWTS, both replied Kate Gosselin. “Kate is even sexier than Pamela Anderson,”  said Tourie.  She’s “Pinot.”

Levin, back in the newsroom said, “Now you’re losing me, what is Pinot?” Both
violinists answer, “A fine wine.”

On Saturday, April 17th, Nuttin’ But Stringz is schedule to be on the French version of America’s Got Talent. Two years ago they were in the top three, when their unique, emotional sound swept American audiences.

Damien Escobar, Niecy Nash, Tourie Escobar (Dancing with the Stars) and Louis Van Amstel, Dancing with the Stars

On April 23rd, they will be see on MTV Unplugged on cable, but if you are in Houston, Texas you can hear and watch them live. It is a benefit event for the American Heart Assn. The will be held at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts in Zilkha Hall.

Several Dance contestants were pleasantly surprised to watch Nuttin’ But Stringz as the opening act on America’s most watch Televsion Show Dancing with the Stars.

The American Heart Association’s Power To End Stroke initiative has been forging ahead to empower individuals through education and awareness about their risk for stroke and the choices they have in prevention.

Nuttin’ But Stringz interviews KABC-TV

According to the AHA Stroke is the number three  killer in America and the leading cause of disability. In fact, nearly 2600 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one death every 33 seconds. Although the numbers are staggering, the power to change these statistics lies within all of us to make simple lifestyle changes that can reverse these numbers.

Funds raised by the Power of Legacy event will directly benefit research, education and outreach in Houston. The 2010 Power of Legacy chair is Merele Yarborough. Honorees for the evening are Aetna, Kirk Franklin and Judy and Wayne McConnell.

For tickets, contact the American Heart Association at 713-610-5010 or visit

The Power To End Stroke campaign is supported nationally by the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership.

About the American Stroke Association

The goal of the American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, is to reduce disability and death from stroke through research, education and advocacy. In its 2006–07 fiscal year, the association invested more than $152 million to fight stroke.  To learn more, call 1-888-4STROKE or

For updates on Nuttin’ But Stringz  visit: click on “Clients in the News”

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Nuttin’ But Stringz, Choreography, Buzz and Dancing with the Stars

Tourie Escobar, Kate Gosselin (DWTS), George Mc Quade, MAYO PR, Damien Escobar (Nuttin But Stringz) and Tony Dovolani, Gosselin's DWTS partner. Nuttin' But Stringz made Television history as the first instrumental live act on Dancing with the Stars.

Hollywood, CANuttin’ But Stringz”,  one of the most talked about platinum album urban rock violinists performed a live, historical music spectacular tonight (Tuesday, April 13, 2010) on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It was the first time DWTS featured an instrumental act on TV’s highest rated entertainment program now on its 10th season.

The eye-popping choreography was performed by New York’s Principal Ballerina accompanied with the dancers who flew through the air on the dance floor much like an Olympic aerobics show with perfectly orchestrated moves and tones from NBS. It was powerful segment designed by hip-hop Choreographer Travis Wall.

Tourie Escobar and Damien Escobar have been playing violin since they were 10 and were the youngest to enter a prestigious music school, while playing in the New York Subways and recently discovered on NBC’s America’s Got, where they were voted in the top three contestants.

“We started playing very, very young, when it was cool to play violin, but now I think the violin is going to replace the guitar Tourie Escobar told KABC-TV’s George Pennacchio, shortly after the show ended.

Eve one of the the Dance contestants said she was blown away and was dancing to Nuttin’ But Stringz behind the stage. Chelse Hightower said, “This was the highlight of the evening, and I was dancer,” she said.

Damien Escobar,
Tourie Escobar,
Nuttin’ But Stringz

“We made history today on “Dancing with the Stars” as the first instrumental music presentation,” said Tourie Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”. “It’s never been done on the show before, and we’ll had to have lost of drama and dance moves that kept everyone watching at home and in the live audience.”

“We were rehearsing and practicing for days for this live performance which is one of the biggest challenges of my life being on the stage of America’s most watch ballroom on “Dancing with the Stars” tonight,” said Tourie and Damien Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”, urban rock composers, who make up one of the most talked about international violin duo to hit the airwaves.

Damien Escobar, Missy Nash, Tourie Escobar (Dancing with the Stars) and Louis Van Amstel, Dancing with the Stars.

America’s Got Talent, then they return to Huston, Texas for a fundraising performance for the Heart Association on April 23rd. Also, on the same evening (April 23, 2010) Nuttin’ but Stringz will be shown on  MTV Unplugged.

[Editors: For media interviews or images contact Aida Mayo or
George Mc Quade, 818-340-5300 or 818-618-9229, To hear or buy their
music visit:  Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates on Nuttin But Stringz.

Breast cancer research dancing to a new tune – MAMMOJAM 2010 with Louis Van Amstel “Dancing with the Stars”

Aida Mayo, Jay Schwartz, Louis Van Amstel Mary-Margaret Humes

Dancing With the Stars’ Louis VanAmstel and Jonathan Roberts and list of TV, Film and dancing celebrities attended a packed first ever MAMMOJAM 2010 at Rise Club, Hollywood, CA. The professional dancers volunteered their time for a very good cause, MammoJam 2010. The star-studded breast cancer benefit features professional dance lesson, door prizes, food and more than 300 people Thursday, April 1st.

Louis Van Amstel, the seasoned dance professional from Dancing With the Stars will took center stage and demonstrated Louis’ Dance Blast moves for attendees to follow. Dance pros and students from his Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills dance classes will also be on hand. Dancing With the Stars alum Jonathan Roberts also dance under the spotlight of TV’s KABC and Extra TV’s cameras to capture the first dance with renowned surgeon 
Dr. Susan Love

Actor Eduardo Garcia & Guest dance up a storm
at MAMMOJAM 2010

For fans of Dancing With the Starsit was autographs and and free dance lessons most of the night and Terryi Thomas, San Diego won the door of free lessons and a dance with Jonathan Roberts, which also aired during the 4 pm news on KABC-TV. Midway through the evening the disco sounds of the 70’s created elbow room only, and memory lane for a lot of people of all ages. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

The event is the brainchild of Lissa Levin Guntzelman, a television writer/producer (Mad About You, WKRP in Cincinnati) and breast cancer survivor. “I wanted to do this for myself, my family and other breast cancer victims,” said Guntzelman about the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s MammoJam 2010. “I’m a TV writer/producer, but also an 18-year breast cancer survivor and my mother died of breast cancer at age 60, so my experience and entertainment industry connections will help fight the disease.”

The event will feature music from the disco 70’s, salsa, disco and hits from today’s hip and top 40 radio stations. The variety of smooth sounds were offered on seven video screens around the dance floor. The crowd of about 85 percent women of all ages got the chance to partner with a professional guest dancers. MammoJam 2010 was so successful there is already talk about creating a bigger event next time with more door prizes, sponsorships and dance contests.  Dr. Susan Love Foundation thanks US Weekly, KABC-TV, Extra TV

Celebrities who attended included:

  • Louis Van Amstel, (“ABC’s Dancing with the Stars”)
  • Jonathan Roberts, ( “Dancing with the Stars”)
  • Mary-Margaret Humes (“Dawson’s Creek”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “CSI”)
  • Dan Guntzelman, (“Perfect Game”, “Growing Pains”, “WKRP in Cincinatti”)
  • Erika Eleniak, (Baywatch)(Playboy Centerfold)
  • Alyson Reed, (“High School Musical 1,2,3”)
  • James Karnes, (“Criminal Minds”)
  • Marcia Strassman, (“Welcome Back Kotter,”, Honey, I Shrunk the Kid
  • Eduardo Garcia (“No Country for Old Men)”)
  • Lissa Levin, (“Mad About You”),”WKRP in Cincinnati”)
  • Dr. Susan Love, (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation)
Mary-Margaret Humes, Louis Van Amstel, Lissa Levin and Dr. Susan Love at the Rise.

MammoJam was a celebration for women of all ages to team up to fight breast cancer together. It’s attracted mothers and daughters, family members, friends and husbandsThe event genius Lissa Levin thanked KABC-TV, EXTRA TV, US Weekly and others for coverage and precoverage such as in the Examiner on MAMMOJAM 2010.

MammoJam was a celebration for women of all ages to team up to fight breast cancer together. It’s attracted mothers and daughters, family members, friends and husbands

The event genius Lissa Levin thanked KABC-TV, EXTRA TV, US Weekly and others for coverage and precoverage such as in the Examiner on MAMMOJAM 2010

and turnout.

June 6, 2010
Third Annual Love Walk
Pacific Palisades, California

The First and Second Annual Love Walk’s were a huge success. We have had over 750 supporters join us in Pacific Palisades for this 5K event. The walks have generated over $90,000 to benefit breast cancer research projects, and the pilot grant program at DSLRF. We need your help to make the Third Annual Love Walk on June 6, 2010, another unforgettable event.

To learn more and sign up today, click here.

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