Gonna cost less to do business thanks to Smart Grid Technology Says PERI Software Solutions Inc.

“This is all about how technology can transform the way utilities
can deliver power to customers,” said President and CEO Sarav
Periasamy, PERI Software Solutions Inc.

PERI Software Solutions Inc.

Newark, NJ – “Utilities have discovered that smart grid will change every aspect of their business –from customer care to service delivery and infrastructure management,” said PERI Software president and CEO Sarav Periasamy is attending DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition (March 23-25, 2010)in Tampa Convention Center, Tampa Fl. The conference focuses on givingexecutives the knowledge for creating a sustainable energy future.“But more importantly we need to educate and engage consumers in the transformation. By doing so customers worry less about rate hikesand feel more comfortable in saving energy and the environment.” PERI Software, a business solutions company based in Newark,NJ offers a solution that consists of smart electric meters that are capable of collecting fine grained household electrical usage data and

transmitting the data securely over mobile phones using general packet radio service (GPRS) or WIFI Mesh. GPRS concentrators areused to avoid the repetitive and cost intensive maintenance for

each meter.

“The data collected is integrated into a smart grid enterprise information system,” explained Periasamy. “The application supportsdata collection, analytics, system planning, engineering, operations, energy management, asset management, and value-added customer services. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Meter and Demand Response formthe core enabling technologies for the smart grid. Beyond automated meter reads for billing purposes, smart meters serve as information gateways to customers. They also offer improved revenue management and proactive customer communications about energy efficiency.”

In a case study for a utility company, PERI provided solutions for using outdoor wireless mesh and GPRS solutions for implementing smart grid solutions. PERI had to overcome the challenges of deploying wide-area wireless broadband IP networks on a large scale, making wide-area broadband coverage possible. PERI provided a solution that is scalable, reliable, performance bound and secured that the customer needed. The backend application is an enterprise-wide geographic information system (GIS) supported by a business intelligence application.

Additionally, PERI helped the utility company with the follow smart grid business solutions:

• Pilot implementation with sample automatic meter reading (AMR)

• Setting up AMR processes to collect, process and record power consumption data at preset interval

• Building MIS/GIS solutions to understand electrical load in real time

• Provisioned to download collected data into handheld device for instant

billing at consumer site

• Integrated Billing and Analysis module

• Management of the collected data on Smart Grid asset, system and device

• Operation and maintenance of the Smart Grid systems including hardware,firmware, and software

• Management and use of data collected to improve the utility business, including operation efficiency,

planning and utilization, energy efficiency and customer service

• Scope, evaluate and deployment of Smart Grid systems and devices including smart meters

• Security and Information protection politices, guidelines an dprocesses

• GIS based energy management system, distribution and outage management systems

About PERI

Founded in 1999, PERI is a global business solutions company, which has grown to more than 700 plus employees and delivers high value-cost effective technology based business solutions.

PERI draws on deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business processes,application development along with smart-intelligent hardware and software products. PERI blends strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery of solutions that maximize customers return on IT investment. For more info visit:www.PERIsoftware.com

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PERI Software brings business solutions to business district of Los Angeles

We believe Los Angeles leads the Pacific Rim in just about every industry and  we want to help business grow to meet the regional and international markets,”  President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software

Los Angeles, CA/ Newark, NJ – PERI Software, based in New Jersey
announced today it has open new offices in the Wells Fargo Tower
in the business district of downtown Los Angeles to offer its
advanced global business solutions to a high demand market
in Southern California.

“After servicing clients in California and on the West Coast, we realized it was vital to bring our services closer to a rapidly growing technology market,” explained President and CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software.  “We have just

opened an office here, because we believe Los Angeles leads the Pacific Rim in just about every industry and we want to help business grow to meet the technology needs of regional and international markets.”

A recent SoCal economic forecast finds that technology, tourism and international trade will be the leading industriesto the economic recovery. Research reveals that the business demand for technology products was very weak in the first three quarters of 2009, when businesses were reducing costs
drastically in order to survive the recession. But, demand picked up noticeably during the fourth quarter and sales of technology products held up better on the consumer side.

“PERI delivers technology-based business solutions to help organizations worldwide control costs and cultivate growth by drawing on our deep industry expertise,” said Periasamy.

“We help companies facing growing pains by blending a strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery of creative solutions that brings the best returns on IT investments.”

PERI is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services.

The company was founded in 1999, and has grown to more than 700 employees worldwide. In addition to the new Los Angeles office, it also has offices in San Jose, offshore facilities in Chennai, India and the PERI
headquarters in Newark, NJ.

“Technology will be one of the strongest industries to lead the recovery,” said Periasamy. “PERI is confident that we can play a vital role in meeting the
technology industry business solutions needs, which is why we have expanded in Los Angeles.”

Sales of technology products held up better on the consumer side according to published reports. Purchases of products like computers, flat TV, and cell phones increased last year despite the recession and will continue to grow in 2010.

“There’s always demand for the well-designed personal gadgets like iPods and smart cell phones with media players, but business is in transition to smart technology products, too, of which we produce so business can cut costs and get the job done in less time,” said Periasamy.

“We are constantly hiring software engineers and employees to meet growing technology demands.”

About PERI

Founded in 1999, PERI is a global business solutions company, which has grown to more than 700 plus employees and delivers a high value-cost effective technology based business solutions along with software and smart-intelligent hardware products.

PERI Draws on deep industry expertise and has a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business processes and application development. PERI blends strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery of solutions that maximize customers return on IT investment.  For more about PERI visit:www.PERIsoftware.com

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business should include social media in every marketing plan says media expert

George Mc Quade

“Advertising is dead,” Vice President George Mc Quade told the Century City, CA Rotary luncheon today (Wed) at the Century Plaza Hotel’s Breeze restaurant.

“Now that I have your attention, I want to talk about the importance of Social Media, and why you can’t ignore it as a small or large business,” he said.

“We are experiencing a consumer revolution and media evolution,” Mc Quade said. “People are choosing what they want to read and see, when they want to see it, from where they want to get it from and when they want it.”

There is good, bad and ugly to Social Media. The good is the fact that when there is an emergency, people tweet right away on Twitter, and during the Haiti and Chile earthquakes people were finding missing people and victims in hotels on Facebook before emergency rescue crews were on the scene.”

Mc Quade noted that in 2003 , Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his bid for California Governor on the Jay Leno Tonight Show. “Two term Governor and Attorney General Jerry Brownannounced his bid for the Democratic ticket for governor yesterday on Youtube. Why, because he’s smart and he knows there’s a bigger audience on the Internet than the evening news,” said McQuade.

Gina Longo and Madison Slate, The Slate Foundation will be using social media for fundraising soon.

Online research shows that about 80 percent the 100 largest companies in the Fortune 500 list use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or corporate blogs to talk with or communicate with stakeholders and customers. Twitter is the most popular platform that the companies use; two-thirds of the Fortune 100 has at least one Twitter account.

“Before coming today I asked Host Frank Mottek, KNX Business Hour, which social site was the best for business Online?,” Mc Quade noted. “He said, ‘that he told a bioscience conference, the there’s nothing like personal contact, and the best social site is right here in this room.'”

Frank Mottel,KNX Business Hour introducing panelists at event downtown.

In other words don’t ignore traditional media and the traditional ways to network and communicate, and use social media to compliment what you have been doing to become successful. “‘There’s nothing like face-to-face meetings,’ he told me.”

About half have at least one Facebook fan page, 50 percent have at least one YouTube channel, and one third has at least one corporate blog. 20 percent of the companies use all four social media platforms.

“Even if you have never used social media, you do not have to spend $350 to $900 per media workshop to learn it,” explained Mc Quade. “But do not ignore the biggies, because Facebook has more than 400 million users and Twitter is not too far behind.”

Mc Quade recommended starting out slow like riding a bike. “85 percent of people Online search Google, so why not use Google Products, they’re free, and safe,” he said.

“Go to Google type in ‘free gmail,’ signup using an easy username like your first initial and last name, and pick a good password with numbers and letters like Google2011 or something like that. Then type in free Google blog and use your gmail username and account. After you become familiar with gmail, then try Google Buzz, where you can put all of our new media and blog accounts on the same page later.”

Mc Quade also said be careful what you wish for in posting everything on new media sites. “Best advice anyone can use is to separate your personal stuff from professional,” Mc Quade said. “Keep your family photos on private accounts, and every once in a while Google your name and your company to see what people and users are saying about you. You might be surprise to see how many people have your name or brand Online somewhere.”

Mc Quade is a national media relations expert and the West Coast Bureau chief for www.odwyepr.com writing monthly columns on new media trends for O’Dwyer Publications, New York. He is also founder and vice president of MAYO Communications (www.MayoCommunications.com).